Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Blog,
It's been probably a long time since I've written my thoughts, also I can't seem to keep track of which blogs I write on and which I post art.  I have been meaning to write a blog entry for a long time, my several page long revue of the yo gabba gabba comic I got at free comic book day, lost in the stickies,  Let's see, a story about how an old co-worked got my ex-boss in a choke hold (awesome).  My adventures at The Center for Cartoon Studies-mind blowing.  But I'm not going to type about that now,  cause I've got problems on my mind, got to figure it out.

This whole week has been hypotonic.  I was late for work several days but ended up staying later longer then I was late in the first place.  I drove into town after work yesterday to purchase cat litter and when I got home I found a huge bag of cat litter under some recycling bags in the back of my car, that I had bought last weekend but forgotten about.  Dumb.  However, during the trip I found a dog toy at petco with the super long chenille plush, exactly what I was looking for my current development and we shipped it off to Qingdao this afternoon.  So I guess that's serendipitous.
I went to work and around ten I found a lump of conditioner in my ear I had apparently not washed out, gross.  I had a suckass dream where I coughed up all the bugs I had accidentally swallowed all summer when running, and they had gotten somehow bigger after being lodged in the back of my throat.  This shit weighs on me.  Also the sugar ants are back and they're trying to get into my laptop.  I squish them every time I see one, so they probably think the worst of me.  But I couldn't give a fuck, they're ants.

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