Friday, August 20, 2010

making an effort

I hate talking, I hate typing, but I have come to realize especially when 'maintaining a blog,' that people want to read. . anything.
What I really do not like about blogs is that most of the time even cleverly written blogs only contain the same content. It could be a personal complaint/issue, critical cynicism, or mostly regurgitated information. Which, is ok, but tiring. And here I think it may be confusing to just post artwork and nothing else. Even fashion magazines have some words. But I know I will fall into the blog trap, like a haiku, I must adhere to form. So I should pick one thing.
Here is my complaint then: I am sick of living between two bars. It is much to noisy-I can't get into a alpha/theta state for drawing and or painting. I often see many tutorials on techniques for developing ones art skills. I hear other artists talk shop and I can't wrap my head around the technical aspect of it. How do they do it? Its fucking boggling. It's just easier to get into a alpha state and not think at all, but that only can be done in a totally quiet atmosphere. Sometimes if I watch National Treasure 2 five times in a row or listen to some old freestyle mix in repetition its possible to coast, but not fully get into it. Very frustrating.